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I have been through a lot of open source E-commerce solutions. OScommerce was one of the first solutions I have tried, but it seemed it was buggy and I got frustrated getting rid of a lot of the useless things from a fresh install that made it look very like an OScommerce site. It also was prone to a lot of attacks too. The next choice was Zen cart. I actually liked Zen cart, but once I found Magento, I was hooked. You can get a list of all the great features of Magento  by going to this link. The only draw back I have with Magento is the fact that a lot of the extensions are not free. I am use to free stuff, like with Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. I have used the Ubercart and Virtuemart in Joomla and Drupal, but for a full E-commerce solution I will recomend Magento.

I have used Magento on a few web sites including this one I have just finished. It is a temp site of The Art of Letters until I have a .net solution with Jquery finished. I used a lot of free extensions and a paid one. Here is a list of the free extensions I used for  The Art of Letters that I recommend for Magento 1.6 .

Dependent Custom Options (gallery)

Dependent Custom Options (gallery)


I wanted to have configurable options on my products and I looked all over the internet for possible solutions. I found this extension called Dependent Custom Options (gallery). The reason I wanted a dependent option was I needed certain selections only to appear when another selection was chosen. Dependent Custom Options (gallery) seemed like a perfect fit. I went to Dependent Custom Options (gallery) website to order this extension and unlike most extensions, you find on the extensions site, you  must email in order to receive it, so I did. Within minutes I got a reply for instruction on how to order. You must tell in the email which extension you want because Pektsekye has a few. Pektsekye  will give you payment instruction on how to load the cost on his card. This is quite different from PayPal, but very easy to do. I loaded the card (Site is very safe) and after I received a transaction Id, I sent it to Pektsekye . Within minutes I received the zip fill of the extension. The Zip contained everything I needed including detailed instructions. There were a couple of things that must be in place, including an image id. If you are using lightbox, you must make sure the image id is correct. I had some problems and Pektsekye  was able to fix it right away.

The  Dependent Custom Options (gallery) worked great for my temporary site The Art of Letters and I highly recommend it to anyone interested. Pektsekye  has some great extensions and they are worth every penny! The support is top notch, unlike any other support I have ever had in the past!
The only drawback to Magento is memory usage. Magento recommends around 256mb of memory.  Most shared servers have a limit of 64mb and they will not up it unless you go with a dedicated server. 64mb should be enough for most sites, but for my temporary site The Art of Letters, it seems I need more. Every now in then it gives me an memory limit error. Its on a shared hosting server so there is nothing I can do about it. After all, it’s a temporary site until  The Art of Letters gets thier new custom .net Jquery site in place.
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